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禁止使用的英文: Prohibition of use forbidden Don't be disabled. ban. 例句: The server is currently disabled. 服务器当前已禁用。 The group may not be disabled. 组可能未被禁用。 Tourist class passengers are prohibited from usin...

视具体上下文,可能有不同表达。如: Prohibited; forbidden; ban,等等。甚至还有disable这样的用法,如:The server is currently disabled. (服务器当前已禁用) 其他可能出现的场景有: Tourist class passengers are prohibited from usin...

China banned this software. 一般用ban表示禁止。 或者 This software has banned in China.

forbid prohabit

禁止转载prohibit reproduce without permission. No reproduction without permission. 授权转载authorized reproduce 转载注明出处please indicate the source if authorized

禁止做某事 Forbid doing sth 禁止做某事 Prohibit doing sth. 禁止做某事 Forbid sb to do sth

Felling trees is forbidden, or we'll be fined. be fined 被罚款 希望可以帮到您。

启用英文为"Enable" ,禁用英文为 "disable" 。 启用其他翻译:start using ,activate 禁用其他翻译:forbidden,ban

Line is banned in China 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

后一个问题:miss you 禁止触摸是NO TOUCH! 全大写,表示强烈的禁止意向! 晕,楼主一点英文都不懂的啊! 不要触摸是那位说的Don't touch。句子首字母大写,普通的格式 NO和Don't的读音不用说了吧?touch:踏吃 楼下说的是正常说法,但是在警告...

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