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就叫Nothing on you B.o.B与bruno mars的合作歌曲 很赞的

Adelle- Rolling in the deep

I Love You - Stewart Mac There was once a broken man Who walked a lonely road And gave up all his dreams And I was once this broken man Stared into the sun And just refuse to see I was Lost amongst the clouds that wouldn't fade...

young for you 不是跑调,是大舌头啦

Lullabye - Tynisha Keli This is your Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lulla bye You're my baby And I sing this just to show your mine I'mma hold you till you Sleeping in the middle of the night This is your Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul Lul L...


你去用酷狗收索 C-block Summertime 他们酷狗用户绝对用错了 歌手代名的 你说的肯定是那首

布列瑟农 马修连恩的

Circle - Marques Houston Yeah' you know what's funny? Seems every time I try to forget about you My feelings pull you back in You know 'cause I got somebody else And you got somebody else But you and I both know what it really ...

lollipop luxury---Jeffrey star

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