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认真对待每一件值得认真对待的事 attentively handling everything that merits your serious attitutude

认真对待每一件值得认真对待的事。 对应的英语: Carefully deal with everything which is worth dealing with.

你好! 我将要认真对待每一件事 I'm going to take everything seriously

Each of us should be a correct and serious attitude toward this issue.

handle it seriously 认真对待处理 consider seriously 认真考虑

Take everything seriously. 短语: take seriously 重视;认真对待[想],当真 不明白可以追问我,满意的话请点击【采纳】

认真对待的英文:take seriously seriously 读法 英 ['sɪərɪəslɪ] 美 ['sɪrɪəsli] 作副词的意思是:认真地;严重地,严肃地 短语: 1、take things seriously办事认真 2、seriously ill list危重病员名...

你好! 认真对待学习 Take study seriously

be serious about对某事很认真 be strict to 对某事要求严肃

It is absolutely necessary to have a serious attitude to study

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