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first,don't much care about it,you r only 18s,you're being grow for a long time in futrue,you can eat more legumes,more milk,take yourself easy.

sun shy

选d She is already 18 year old.But she _______ as if she were still a little girl. 她已经18岁了,但是她的行为仍然像个小女孩

B 词义辨析。believes 相信,认为;behaves行为,表现;directs指导;declares宣布。句意:她已经18岁了,但她的行为表现好像她仍然是个小女孩。所以选B。

my little girl 我的小女孩

是Madonna的promise to try Artist:Madonna Songs Title:promise to tryAlbum by: Like A PrayerArtist by: Madonna Little girl dont you forget her face Laughing away your tears When she was the one who felt all the painLittle girl ...

Que Sera Sera (顺其自然) - Doris Day (多丽丝·戴) When I was just a little girl, 当我还是个小女孩, I asked my mother, 我问妈妈, "What will I be? “将来我会变成什么样子呢? Will I be pretty? 会漂亮吗? Will I be rich?" 会富有吗...

他们的释义不同,一个是小女孩,在表示小女孩儿的时候,little girl重在表示小,但是没有具体的年龄限制。little girl重在表示小女孩儿可爱的一面。toddler girl则没有这方面的特指。 1、little girls 【释义】小女孩 【双语例句】There were tw...

歌词是出自QUE SERA SERA (古西班牙语,其解释就是Whatever will be, will be之意),它是为《擒凶记》(The Man Who Knew Too Much)中多丽丝·戴所演唱的插曲。轻盈的三步舞曲,歌者温婉的嗓音,完美地演绎了主题 —— 一切不可知,不必苛求,顺...


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