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Cry For

cry for sth頁独俳俶勣賛卩鵤山革賭議吭房匆辛參傍図彭勣蝶麗 The little girl was crying for some more cake. 椎倖弌溺頃図綴彭珊勣郭軌呉 Cry over sth葎...遇図葎´湖欺彬伉葎´丑祐 He was crying over his misfortunes. 麿葎麿議音...

咎猟 輝繁断挽嗤載謹独俳俶勣燕器議觀扮麿断頁音氏壓窄低議。 廣盾 cry for頁倖耕協喜塘燕器^独俳錬李 。。。 膿倉勣箔 。。。 ̄

cry on my shoulder

Cry for me 埴の蕗が療こえてる 出んでる 突の兆念を 仝Cry for me, Cry for you々 PC嗄老〆哂俛勧傍 腎岻轟治 the 3rd〇TM 梧歳)多苗徨 膿がってた 知は需ないと 払うのが伽いから 知 普てれば それで採かを灰える櫃して 垳いとか握とか ...

Cry for me 埴┐みの蕗┐海┌が療┐こえてる 出┐気隠んでる 突┐椶の兆念┐覆泙┌を 膿┐弔茖がってた 知┐罎瓧は需┐滷ないと 払┐Δ靴複うのが伽┐海錚いか 知┐罎瓧 普┐坑てれば それで採┐覆烹かを灰...

(*^__^*) 煉煉宸倖辛參宸担尖盾砧~ If you don¨t fight for what you want, don¨t cry for what you lose 泌惚低音肇尸函低誨議音勣図日低侭払肇議。

cry for the moon na.進李[勣箔]恂音欺議並秤[誼音欺議叫廉] 今久戚埖子賚詭貎山孃塚 箭鞘標僉 1. Cry for the moon: He asked his dad to buy him a yacht as a birthdaypresent. I think he was asking for the moon . 麿勣麿慰慰公麿択...

(唖功輸艶葎厘図日): it won't be easy.椎旺音否叟. u'll think it strange.低氏湖欺謎講. when i try to explain how i feel.輝厘適薦傍苧徭失議湖鞭. that i still need ur love.厘挽隼俶勣低議握. after all that i've done.壓厘侭恂議匯俳中...

音勣咀 祐逗遇図日 匆音勣湖状欺 祐逗 音勣諒 匆音勣豚棋焚担

Cry, Cry ----Mazzy Star < Among My Swan>

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