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flower fairy的中文翻译 花仙女 双语例句 The concert told through living theatre the story of a flower fairy seeking for the 7-color flower that stood for love. 晚会以舞台剧讲述一位花精灵寻找象征爱的七色花的故事。

FLOWER FAIRIES 花精灵; 花仙子 fairies n. 小精灵; 仙人( fairy的名词复数 ); 小仙子; 兔子(男同性恋者); [例句]There're some Fairies in the story. 这个故事中有许多小精灵。

fairy concert的中文翻译 fairy concert 仙女音乐会 双语例句 1 This concert consists of many children's fairy tales which are selected from music lists not only of classicism, romanticism, but also modernism. 该团精选音乐史上古典...

Water Fairy Flower Pink 应该是这两个吧 是日韩的、


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