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计划去做某是用plan to 为了某事而做的计划时用plan for


My plan for May day May Day is coming. We will have three days holiday. I want to do so much things during this holiday . On the first day , I plan to finish all my homework so that I can play happily in the other days. On the ...

to do


plan for 为……订计划更多释义>> [网络短语] plan for 计划做某事,为┄订计划,为 plan sth for sb 为某人策谋,为某人计划某事 plan schedule for sth 为……制定

----- 个人原创,仅供参考 My plan for learning EnglishMy English grade always very poor. Therefore, I have made a plan for learning English. Firstly, I think it very important for me to recite words. And I have decided to recite...

My plan for the futre Sometimes I think about my future.But I am always a little scared.Because I do not know what I will be,in the future. Now,I know,my ambition is to be a famous musician. Because I want to give people a lot ...

the plan for plan 计划; the plan for ……的计划 【例】 1. So what`s the plan for tomorrow? 那么明天的计划是什么? 2. If you have the plan for it, you should choose designer Plus Size BridesmaidDresses though likely to designers c...

都是动词吧,放在第一个一般都是动词,名词的例子就是make a plan。

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