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Why We Should Plant More Trees As we learned in third grade biology, trees are essential to life. They create the very air we breathe and filter air pollution. What you may not know is that trees also build soil and help soak u...

ow和plant都可表示“种植”,但其含义和用法不同。 1.plant着重指“种植”这一行为 How many trees have you planted this year? 你们今年植了多少棵树? Have you planted any trees yet? 你种树了吗? 2.grow着重指种植以后的栽培、管理过程 The farm...

why not plant more trees= Why don't you plant more trees? = Let's plant more trees.

B 试题分析:句意:我们应该在街道的两边多植树。Either两者当中的一者,both两者都;all都,全部;each每一。Sides是复数名词,另根据常识街道有两个边,所以选B。

plant many trees 植许多树 双语例句 1 In this way they help plant many trees and bushes. 这样,它们便帮着种下许多的树木和灌木。 2 To make Beijing cleaner and more beautiful, my classmates and I will plant many trees. 为了使北京...

1、 How do you plant a tree? First,dig a big and deep hole. Then put the tree right in the hole.Make sure it is straight. Cover the hole with soil. Finally,water the tree with enough water. 2、Trees are important Trees are very...

B each表示两边 e.g. Each side of the street was crowded with people. 这里有一个either的特殊用法,那就是,在on either side,on either end等固定词组中,either有事可兼指两个。例如: There are warehouse on either side of the river ...

答案选C 因为这里的will be体现了这是没有发生的,那么to do sth意思就是“去做...”是带有目的性的,所以这道题应该选to plant 有什么地方不清楚的记得追问哦~

will be planted


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